Members of the Carbine Club are bonded by a couple of simple but very significant affections: for sport and for good fellowship. It has always been that way. Those sentiments were the essence of its foundation in 1961, and the spread of its associated clubs around Australia and internationally.

The club's name honours a racehorse, one of the greatest and bravest this nation has ever known. But the Spirit of the Carbine Club extends far beyond the boundaries of the turf, and even of championship. It is a spirit, which celebrates sporting endeavour ... and thus recognises that winning is important, but grace and courage also matter.

Our History

The Carbine Club was formed in Melbourne in 1961. It is primarily a luncheon and networking club, its members having a strong connection with sport. Sister clubs are now established across Australia and in several overseas countries.

Carbine Club Tasmania Members

Membership can only be gained by introduction by a current member of the Carbine Club Tasmania or by invitation, in the case of Club patrons and honorary members. Each Club including the Carbine Club Tasmania  is bound by a common constitution, which limits the number of general members to 40. Growth is met by members moving to a senior list on reaching age 65.

Club Locations

There is a total of 15 clubs in the following locations. Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, ACT, Tasmania, South Australia & Western Australia. And overseas in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vanuatu, London and Tokyo.

The Carbiner

The Club has an in house magazine titled The Carbiner, with several editions each year, highlighting individual club news and events. All clubs including the Carbine Club Tasmania raise funds annually and these are directed to support programs for the benefit of young athletes and organisations serving the community through sport.

Carbine Club News

For Sport & For Good Fellowship

Luncheon to honour our Test stars
30th January 2020

Luncheon to honour our Test stars

Impressive Carbine Club Plate win
1st February 2020

Impressive Carbine Club Plate win

New Year, New Engineer, New Hope
2nd March 2020

New Year, New Engineer, New Hope

New Look Committee
5th October 2020

New Look Committee

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